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Utilities and Asset Management in Australia

Metal Pole Inspections (MPI)

BMH focuses on Metal pole replacements, bulk globe and luminaire replacement, fault finding, circuit testing and metal pole asset inspections in metro and rural areas.

Regular inspection and maintenance of metal poles and luminaires is extremely important to maintain safety, longevity, and aesthetics. While there are many features to be discovered during these inspections, we focus on items where safety is a concern such as pole shaft, brackets and arms, handhole, base, nut covers, anchor bolts, and vibration.

BMH Managing Director, Ben Hanlon, has received recognition and appreciation for BMHs involvement in the Switch Wire Removal Project in both 2011 and 2012 and UAM Switch Wire Removal for Excellent Performance.

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Driven by our values of being reliable, honest, multi-skilled, compliant, and safe, we have provided the greatest service by being the best asset management specialist for our customers. BMH Electrics provides metal pole inspection services in Australia.

Utility Asset Management in Western Australia

What is Utility Asset Management for Electric Grids in Western Australia?

Utility asset management allows electric utility companies to manage important asset such as tracking the age of the assets, data gathering and maintenance history and other variables. APM or Asset performance management allows providers to enhance asset management with the use of condition monitoring, data analytics and predictive maintenance to provide better operational decisions. Using Utility asset management prevents the risk of equipment failure as well as optimizes the equipment’s lifespan. This results in efficient emissions resulting in lower cost and maximum reliability for end users.


BMH Electrics is responsible for management of assets in Western Australia, to monitor, maintain, transmit and distribute the system within a network.

Asset Management Measures in Western Australia

Asset management measures are required to provide proper expansion, reduction, and maintenance of its assets. This also includes all work done such as design, implementation, construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of Western Australia’s power systems.


What are utilities and asset management in Energy?

A systematic process of evaluating and profiling distributed energy resource assets to get the best performance and lowest maintenance cost. Energy asset management ensures efficient performance that finds the balance between load and tariff. BMH Electrics asset management provides centralized performance management for all assets in real-time by consistently monitoring systems, making sure that all equipment is in good condition and prevents risks. This leads to a safe and cost savvy power generation.

BMH Electrics’ utilities and asset management also offer metal pole inspections. Our services include safety inspections, construction, and maintenance to ensure all structures are in the best conditions for our customers in Western Australia. BMH Electrics ensure a compliant and safe delivery following update ISO standards.

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