The management team at BMH Electrics are excited, passionate, and focused on our deliberate movement towards the use of Renewables.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) – making it easier for people to charge their cars and get back on the road! This is the future!

Solar Installation and Services for the domestic and commercial market. Take advantage of one of nature’s most powerful yet free resources: the energy is given by the sun!

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI)

BMH Electrics Pty Ltd have been contracted by our partner IPD – Gemtek, to build DC Fast Charging Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) across Perth and Western Australia. Our locations include high profile locations like Shopping Centres, Local and State Government facilities, Utilities, RAC, Universities, and the Perth Transport Authority.

BMH Electrics are responsible for the following services:

Project Management
Civil Works and Infrastructure
Electrical Contracting and Compliance
Installation & Commissioning
Service and Maintenance
Traffic Management


Solar Panels

Save the earth by using solar panels. BMH provides high-level and professional service to the commercial and domestic markets. This offers a complete solution to each unique need so customers can decide better and truly benefit from renewable energy.

BMH crew ensures that all works are done correctly, anytime, and anywhere. We provide solar installation services for Western Australia.

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Driven by our values of being reliable, honest, multi-skilled, compliant, and safe, we have provided the greatest service by being the best asset management specialist for our customers in Western Australia.

Solar and Renewable Energy in WA


Who is the best Solar Provider in Perth?

Here’s a list of the best installers in Perth:

  • BMH Electrics
  • Clean NRG
  • Solaire Connect
  • Westsun Solar
  • Northern Perth Electrical

How much does Solar cost in WA?

The most common solar panel in Perth is a 6.6-kilowatt solar system. This usually ranges between $6,000 to $8,500. The price depends on the number and brand of panels and inverters you will be using for your system.

What is the best solar inverter in WA?

According to Solar Quotes in 2022 the best solar inverters are:

  • Fronius
  • Solar edge
  • Enphase

How many solar Panels can I have in Perth?

There is no limit to how many solar panels you can have in Perth or Western Australia. There is, however, a limit to how much your system can generate.

How much is Solar Rebate in WA?

In 2020, the solar rebate value in WA is around $814 which is expected to be equal to 22 STCs for a 1.5-kilowatt system. If your system has 2-kilowatts, you will probably get $1,110 or 30 STCs. These are just estimates based on a $37 STC value in Western Australia.

Is there a solar battery rebate in WA?

There is no additional rebate scheme in place for solar batteries in Western Australia. There is no requirement to install your system. Here are some rebate schemes in WA:

  • Solar panel rebate: $3712
  • Gross system cost: $10,296
  • Net system cost: $6,584

Are solar panels worth it in WA?

Yes, it is. Solar and renewable energy is always the best option if you want to own a home in Perth faster. Paying for electricity is now optional. Solar feed-in tariff in Western Australia has improved over the year. This gives you a viable option to enjoy free electricity for the rest of your life.


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