Since the business world is embracing the digital age, BMH adapts to the rising popularity of dynamic digital content.

Digital Signage Australia

Bus Shelters

Installation of bus shelters, and the retrofit of light boxes & advertising technologies such as digital display units. This includes upgrading of surrounding concrete, footpath, and hardstand.

A smart and powerful way to reach commuters. BMH delivers attractive bus shelter advertising locations, offering flexibility that targets the right audience at the right location.

Digital Display Boards

We boast a strong industry reputation for all types of billboards and signage solutions. Our diverse range of skills enables us to deliver complete signage projects from engineering design through to fabrication, manufacturing, site installation, and maintenance.

We customise each project and ensure smart design and planning that matches the size of the sign, the challenges of the site, and the client’s objectives.


BMH offers installation services by an experienced, professional, & certified crew that guarantees seamless deployments, quick implementation, and on-site quality support during the installation process.

Our crew will recommend the best digital signage installation options based on your specific needs and will certify the entire rollout so you can get the best ROI from your digital signage in Australia.


BMH makes sure that the digital signages are carefully assembled based on your need. Understanding the goal of your digital signage, the crew will follow the instruction thoroughly keeping it visible and legible.


BMH provides a warehouse as a storage to ensure the safety of the equipment. The warehouse is also the place where the crew can assemble the signages and other equipment.

BMH crew will make sure that your materials are well taken care of until the day of the application.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

BMH produces and delivers quality products and services by being responsible for our crews. We provide our team with adequate personal protective equipment, information, instruction, training, and supervision. Ensuring the safe use of Plant and Equipment as well, and workplaces.

BMH Electrics has implemented a Fitness for Work Program to ensure BMH Electrics meets its legal obligations to provide a safe working environment for its employees, subcontractors, and visitors.

Traffic Management

One of BMHs major tickets and licences is Traffic Management. BMH prioritizes the safety of the crew and around the location of the operation. To achieve a safe working environment, the following principles apply to our everyday work environment: That all incidents and injuries are preventable; No job is so important that it cannot be done safely; Work processes are safe working procedures must always be followed in the workplace.

Mandatory signs are also available in the area.

oOh!media x City of Wanneroo | New Infrastructure

oOh!media and Hanlon Industries

BMH has rapidly expanded from one streetlight maintenance crew to multiple crews providing electrical maintenance, assessment, and installation services to a wide range of clients throughout WA including oOh! Media and Hanlon Industries.

oOh! Media and Hanlon Industries needed an installation partner in WA who’s a trustworthy, capable partner to build a new type of bus shelter, capable partner to build numerous digital display signs. BMH provided Civil Works, Traffic Management, Assembling, Warehousing, Electrical, and Logistical Services resulting in a successful implementation. Our scope of work has now extended to a second city council based in Perth, WA and we have also won a large project at Vicinity Galleria

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Driven by our values of being reliable, honest, multi-skilled, compliant, and safe, we have provided the greatest service by being the best asset management specialist for our customers. BMH Electrics provides the best Outdoor Digital Signage in Australia.

How much is outdoor digital signage?

Digital Signage in Western Australia can cost anywhere between $5000 to $20000 depending on the size and complexity.

What is considered digital signage?

Digital Signage are display technologies that use LED video walls, projection, LCD monitors which display webpages, videos, commercials, text, menus, directions and marketing or digital images.

What is the digital display?

Digital displays are flat panel screens that serve digital media to connect with your target demographic. The most common examples of digital displays are LED and LCD signs.

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Kyle Johnston - Project Engineer

Project Engineer

“BMH is a trusted partner to our high-profile advertising works. Their electrical knowledge and ‘can do’ friendly attitudes make collaborating across the states hassle-free. In addition to their electrical expertise, the team has always gone above and beyond to ensure a premium finish to their projects, with results-driven customer satisfaction”