BMH works continuously with Defence, with our professional and certified crew delivering upgrades.

Defence Estate Quality Management System

Electrical Projects

The Defence Estate is the largest landholding in Australia and managing the maintenance of 72 major bases and numerous training areas and other minor establishments is a major undertaking.

BMH has extensive experience in large- and small-scale electrical projects. Working with some of the largest clients and suppliers, we have delivered a complete design service.

We pride ourselves on having the best crew and providing you with what you will be needing.

Asset management

Being responsible for part of the Defence Estate, you understand the importance of maintaining Defence capability and security of the project worksite, as well as upholding the reputation of the Department of Defence within the community and relevant stakeholders in Western Australia.

Offering a complete service, we are continuously looking for asset options for our clients. Whether it is a small or large job, we ensure consistent and transparent communication for clients and stakeholders.

defence estate quality management system in australia

Defence Estate in Western Australia

Defence Estate Management System

Defence Estate Management System (DEMS) is a legacy estate system that is used by the capital facilities infrastructure branch to manage and reports major capital contracts and projects efficiently. The new system that replaced it is referred to as the Garrison Estate Management System (GEMS).

Defence is a priority for most national governments spend. The scale of Australia’s Defence Estate is very different from New Zealand. The Defence estate is one of the largest land holdings in AU, with lands, infrastructures, and buildings estimated to be valued at $20.2 billion. The defence estate consists of some 394+ Commonwealth-owned properties, 72 of which are bases. Australia’s government also has training areas and ranges in addition to just bases and military facilities. Other infrastructures include research facilities and offices to support and accommodate the Australian Defence Force capabilities.

Asset lifecycle management in defence estate

Asset lifecycle management for defence estates is improved by adopting a specific and clear lifecycle monitoring system. The balance between operating capital versus expenditure and maintenance is efficiently measured using such systems.

How Can Asset Management improve Defence Estate in Australia?

  1. Asset management can improve the abilities to:
  2. Identify the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their assets.
  3. Increase transparency when making decisions.
  4. Futureproof and build a balance military portfolio.
  5. Optimise the availability of assets to meet customer demand cycles.
  6. Achieve Success in military tasking by using modern systems.
  7. Eliminate the risks of assets being unavailable when required.
  8. Link Defence strategy with effective asset use.
  9. Clarify accountability, authority, and responsibility.
  10. Make the most out of every dollar invested.
  11. Make whole-of-life decisions faster and with more confidence.
  12. Make informed renewal decisions.

Asset Management System

The ISO 55000 provide a basis for any asset-intensive organization to measure and model the efficiency of their asset-managed systems. BMH Electrics is compliant and makes sure that Western Australian clients get ISO 55000 certification.

BMH Electrics Can:

  • Develop asset management strategies, objectives, policies, and plans that support organizational strategic goals.
  • Assess the current asset management system against ISO 55000 requirements and comply.
  • Implement asset management systems and design components complain to ISO 55000 standards
  • Work to get ISO 55000 certification.

What are the Key Elements of Asset Management in Defence?

  • Asset management plans
  • A defined system of continuous improvement which can be rolled out
    across Domains
  • Clear identification of system scope will provide consistency over time
  • Asset work breakdown structure
  • Innovation, standardisation, and ISO compliance
  • A holistic and strategic approach to Capability, Cost, and Risk which
    focuses decision-making on benefits in the long term
  • Product / Program lifecycle reporting and monitoring
  • Asset management macro process
  • Value/Risk-based approach (scope and decision-making)
  • “How” Asset Management is conducted and What” we are managing
  • Disciplined approach to system characterisation and change
    management ensures that changes are endorsed by management


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